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Contouring for Your Face Shape

  If you saw my TODAY show segment on contouring this morning and were curious to learn more about make-up for your specific face shape, here are some additional diagrams you might find helpful.  Feel free to print ‘em out … Continue reading

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  • TODAY Show

    Happy B-Day KLG!

    The new, elusive Louboutin nail polish, a solution for women who are constantly cold and more you won’t want to miss out on! Watch the video for my picks, which happen to be in honor of Kathie Lee Gifford’s birthday. Links to Products Mentioned: Lip Correcting Duo • Louboutin Nail Polish • Secret Sweater • Wallet Wand

  • The Buzz

    The Perfect Nude Lip


    Women always seem to ask what lipstick I’m wearing, and since there’s no such thing as a “beauty secret” in my opinion, I’m happy to spread the buzz about what I use!  In a pinch, I dab concealer on my lips for a nude base and then apply whatever basic pink gloss I can find first. Recently, however, I found a lip color that eliminates the layering step: gloMinerals gloss in Pink Blossom (bonus: proceeds from sales go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!). Kathie Lee Gifford has become a fan of the shade as well, and lately I even find myself passing the tubes around the makeup room at TODAY. So there you have it!

  • Behind the Buzz

    My IVF Journey

    In vitro fertilization isn’t something that’s often talked about, and it isn’t easy! That’s why I’ve been trying my best to open up the door for conversation. Tune in above, and then join me on my Facebook page at 1pm EST (Tuesday 8/5) for a live chat. I’ll be answering any Q’s you may have about IVF. Also of course here to lend an ear for anyone who needs to vent. xx

  • The Buzz

    Two Step DIY Ring

    DIY Ring

    If you’ve ever passed by inexpensive, costume jewelry earrings in a flea market, turn around, go back and get them because I have a great DIY idea!  Use wire cutters or sharp scissors to cut the clips or posts off the back of the earrings.  Then use hot glue to attach the pieces onto a basic ring (or better yet, invest in a box of these “ring blanks,” 10 for $6.79 on Etsy).  A fun way to make use of extra or stray earrings, and a great way to re-invent mom or grandma’s old jewelry.

  • The Buzz

    False Lash Tutorial

    If you’ve ever tried to apply false eyelashes but ended up with a less-than-stellar result, I’m sharing my tried and true step-by-step process. Everything from what styles to buy to exactly how to apply. xx

  • Behind the Buzz

    Free Packing List


    When you’re young you have parents to remind you about bringing clean underwear and taking that cell phone charger with you…but if  you ARE the parent, or still need a little help when it comes to packing, here’s some support in the form of my official pre-travel to-do list.  Click here to download.  Also, remember: leave an ample amount of time to pack, especially if you need complete ensembles for many days.  If it takes you 20 minutes to get dressed on a normal day, don’t expect to plan 5 outfits in a half hour :)

  • TODAY Show

    60′s Beauty

    In honor of Hoda’s 50th birthday, I brought buzz back to the 60′s and highlighted some beauty brands that are still buzzworthy today.  Links to Products Mentioned:  Lisa Perry’s Frocks •  Samuel’s Hats • Dippity Do Gel •  Alberto VO5 •  Vidal Sassoon • Max Factor Pan Stik •  Maybelline Gel Foundation Stick  • Ponds Cold Cream


  • Behind the Buzz

    Live in Minnesota?

    Premium Outlets Pic

    I’ll be at the new Twin Cities Premium Outlets this Saturday, August 16! Whether you’re still shopping for summer, doing back to school or just want to say hi, I’m excited to see everyone :) Click here for more info. xx

  • Behind the Buzz

    It’s a Brave Intern…

    Who will let you dye her hair on her first day in the office… P.S. want to join the fun & intern with me? Click here to apply.

  • The Buzz

    Build a Styling Kit

    How many times do you toss a potential outfit on the floor due to deodorant stains, wrinkles or that last minute epiphany that “this would look so much better shorter” ? If you keep a styling kit on hand in your closet, you can fight off those obstacles instantly.  Here’s a (printable!) list of what I keep in my kit:

    Styling Kit

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