Bobbie Thomas: Puts the BT in
Bobbie keeps the dream alive and the team together with her constant energy, enthusiasm and belief in the strength of the female spirit. The most likely to, literally, give you the shirt off her back (which may explain why when she isn’t on camera she is consistently wearing pj’s), and share her passion on an elevator or the sidewalk with anyone who asks or needs help. Her weaknesses include the New York Subway system, adorable puppies, Hello Kitty & anything comprised of over 75% sugar.

Stefani Tsakos: Stylist & Creative Manager

Stefani Tsakos has been a fashion stylist for over a decade, creating looks for music videos, ad campaigns, red carpets and television appearances. Since 2005, she’s served as Bobbie’s stylist & close friend, working alongside her to make fashion magic. From middle of the night fittings to figuring out how to get her hands on that “not available until 2016” must-have handbag, Stefani strikes the perfect balance between vision and execution. She also loves to eat peppers.

Maggie Murray: Director of Operations

After years of working in advertising & celebrity endorsements, Maggie joined Bobbie’s team in 2009 as her Special Projects Manager & is now our Director of Operations. ‘Type A’ all the way, Maggie does a little bit of everything including administering, facilitating product requests, coordinating branding efforts across TV, internet & print & making sure the lights stay on. She says the trick to keeping Team BT on track is setting all of the clocks 15 minutes ahead.

Elizabeth Romaner: Web Guru & Trend Tracker

Raised in Florida & trained in fashion design, Elizabeth Romaner keeps the team planted firmly in the 21st century. Always on top of every fashion, beauty and tech trend, she is never without her Mac & operates in a world where there are 48 hours in each day. From creating content for to managing all social media efforts, Elizabeth is a true artist adding unexpected elements of beauty to everything she works on & is gifted at turning all lemons into lemonade. Probably a Florida thing.

Chica: CEO 'Cutest Executive Officer'

Team BT’s heart & soul is little Chica “CiCi” Thomas. The business & creative mastermind behind it all, no one makes a decision without first consulting Chica. Always with a level head, she is the constant voice of reason and the team’s key strategist. Long famous for predicting business and fashion trends, Chica sold all of her stocks before the recession hit and was mixing neutrals well before it was popular. She also taught Kim Kardashian how to perfect the smoky eye.

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