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IVF Update: 11 Weeks

For those who have been joining me on the crazy emotional and physical journey that is IVF, here’s the latest news… xx

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  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Beauty Benefits

    If you’re looking for the info from this AM’s #BobbiesBuzz, links are below :) xx

    Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing WaterRen Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing WaterDr. Brandt XYY Dual Fusion WaterChanel Eau DouceurPanasonic Gel Removal Tool Sensationail Nail ShieldsEcoTools Air Dryer BrushJohn Frieda 7 Day Volume

  • Beauty

    DIY Katy Perry’s Football Nails

    Katy Perry fan or not, when the singer, who is slated to entertain us during Sunday’s big halftime show, instagrammed a picture of her game-ready football toes, nail enthusiasts took notice. So for anyone interested, below is an easy 3-step D.I.Y. decal option that you can tackle at home.

    1) Using pre-purchased decals, cut strips to fit your nail bed size.  (Football Threads Nail Decals, $2.50 for 20,

    2) Paint your finger or toe nails with your favorite brown polish.

    3) Once dry, place the white football threads on your nails, mimicking a vertical tally mark, to execute the sporty look.



  • Fashion

    Sweatpants Disguised

    With winter in full swing, we all want to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite forgiving, soft, styles that still look polished and chic.  Check out my picks above, and rest knowing that even though the holidays are over, you don’t have to squeeze back into your skinny jeans just yet. xx


  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Speedy Beauty

    If you want to try any of the products you saw in this AM’s Buzz, here are the links!  And if you missed the segment with Hoda and Billy Bush, check that out above. xx

    Little Black Primer • Mascara Resurrection Avail Feb 1 at UrbanDecay.comColor Change Face CleanserIn-Shower MoisturizerHair Drying Gloves

  • Behind the Buzz

    Drift Lights

    Drift LightBetween caffeine, jet lag, bright phones, and computer screens, it’s no wonder that we all (occasionally) have trouble relaxing and falling asleep at night. I’m no exception, especially with all of the pregnancy-related sickness I’ve been having… So I was excited to learn about the DriftLight, a bulb which mimics the sunset by slowly dimming down over the course of 37 minutes.  It’s said to increase your natural levels of melatonin and help you drift peacefully, which sounds pretty pleasant to me. $29,

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Clever Concepts

    Good morning! :) Here are the links for the products I shared in this morning’s Clever Concepts Buzz on the TODAY show.  Video is above for anyone who missed it! xx

    Count Me Healthy BraceletsTouch Tonic for GlovesKey Smart Organizer

  • TODAY Show

    IVF Update: 11 Weeks

    For those who have been joining me on the crazy emotional and physical journey that is IVF, here’s the latest news… xx

  • Behind the Buzz

    Heartbeat Bling

    Since I began documenting my IVF journey on the TODAY show, I’ve received countless amazing messages from women. Today I wanted to share a particularly cute one that came in via Facebook. Earlier this week, after sharing that I heard the baby’s heartbeat, Jackie Kaufman of Etsy shop RockMyWorldInc reached out to let me know about her sound wave jewelry, which is custom imprinted with the sound wave imagery from your sonogram. How precious is that? xx

    P.S. you can find other affordable styles of heart beat rings, bracelets, and more on Etsy :)

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Globes Recap & Restyle

    Morning! If you’re already a little tired of seeing the same old Golden Globes red carpet photos, then check out the video above for my Recap & Restyle segment, where I put my own style spin on some of last night’s most popular looks… :) xx

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Resolution Solutions

    If you’re about to give up on your New Year’s resolution, hang tight and watch the above video!  There are some smart products in it that can help you stay on track so that resolution becomes a habit. Links are below. xx

    Lumo Lift Posture CorrectorMassage RollerBodyworksballCount Me Healty BraceletsBoogie BoardsStainless Steel To-Do Board

  • Beauty

    Honeycat Cosmetics

    Not gonna lie, when these bath treats arrived in my office there were a few moments where we didn’t know if they were for cats or for humans because of the clever packaging…but I suppose therein lies the fun :)  Honeycat Cosmetics come creatively packed in tins and bottles and have adorable names, like  ”I’m in Heat” foot scrub, “Rub My Belly” cream and “Love Potion Number 9 Lives” body oil.  Today, January 8, also happens to be National Bubble Bath Day (yes, that’s a thing), so now you have the purr-fect excuse to indulge (couldn’t help myself, sorry!) xx

  • DIY Style

    Smart Dress DIY

    Dress DIY

    Spotted this DIY project online and wanted to share.  Seems like a pretty smart way to turn a too-tight dress into something usable– a cardigan :)  You could also apply the same technique to a sweater.  Just cut up the middle and then either stitch those raw edges down or use fabric tape to create a clean edge.  And if you’re feeling super creative, tack some buttons on & make it look like the real thing. xx

  • The Buzz

    An App That Checks Up On You

    KiteString With New Year’s Eve parties on the horizon, here’s a PSA for anyone who’s planning on going out (or has a daughter/sister/friend who’s planning on going out!)  A free app called KiteString can help keep tabs on you.  Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you have to walk through a dark parking lot or are going on a blind date.  You don’t want to bother a parent, roommate or spouse to check up on you later, so instead, you tell the app what time you expect to be home.  At that given time, it will text you and ask you to respond.  If you don’t, it will then alert a designated contact that something might be wrong.  Pretty smart, right?

  • The Buzz

    Touch Tonic

    Touch Tonic

    A few years ago, I featured some very cool little decals that you could pin on to the tips of your gloves to make them touchscreen-friendly.  Fast forward to today: the technology has come much further and so have the accessories, like this awesome paint-on solution that makes any pair of gloves tech friendly.  No idea how it works, but if it lets me non-stop Candy Crush, I’m game. $20. xx

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Party Picks

    It’s the morning of December 26th, which means it’s time to immediately switch gears to New Year’s Eve :) From easy ways to clean champagne flutes to something called chocolate-covered wine grapes, here are the links to everything you saw in my #bobbiesbuzz with Kathie Lee & Hoda. xx

    Game of PhonesStemware Tethers • No Spill Martini GlassesConvertible Wine RackChocolate Covered Wine Grapes

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