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  • Behind the Buzz

    Send a Sugarwish

    Very few things are as personally rewarding as going to a candy store and filling a bag with whatever odd combination of gummy bears, malted milk balls and jelly beans your heart desires.  The website has taken that fun and put it online.  You can send a friend a virtual Sugarwish and let them select their 4 favorites from the digital “bins,” or you can send out your own chosen combo.  The website is cute, easy to use, and the treats will arrive, adorably packaged, right on your doorstep.

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Have a Better Bath

    Happy almost Valentine’s Day :) Whether you’re part of a pair or just looking to pamper yourself, check out the video above for some fun & flirty bath treats. xx

    Links to Products Mentioned: HoneyCat Cosmetics • Fresh + Susan Miller Zodiac Soaps • OWP Wearable Candles

  • Fashion

    Not So Negative Underwear

    Two female entrepreneurs recently started a lingerie line that is stripping things down to the basics, in a really good way. Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab’s Negative Underwear collection (tagline “cut the crap” on its web site), is breaking the uncomfortable mold of pushed up, padded, and overly embellished designs while still staying stylish. A big POSITIVE for those of us wanting something cool and comfortable, without sacrificing the sexy. They definitely seem like girls’ girls and I’m loving their simple approach to intimates. Here are a few of my favorite minimal pieces from their winter whites collection.

    Negative Underwear  Underwear  $28 – $40, Bras  $70 – $85, Sets $100+

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Cold Weather Wonders

    Ugh, winter… Dry lips, flaky skin, ill-fitting sweaters and other delights…Thankfully there are some products that can help you survive the season :) See above. xx

    Yes to Coconut Lip OilClarins Lip OilHourglass No 28 Lip Oil •  UnshrinkIt Sweater SolutionLox Earring LocksChrysmela Earring LocksMoisturizing TightsMoisturizing Socks

  • Fashion

    The Smartest Bling on the Block

    I love when technology merges with style in ways we can truly benefit from. Behold a few high-tech fashion finds…

    QBracelet: For any woman who likes jewelry and also owns a cell phone (all of us?), a sleek new bracelet that doubles as a charger. Helpful for those who often find themselves stranded sans juice. ($78

    Ringly: This Bond-esque ring syncs with your phone and apps to let you know who’s calling you, what’s next on your calendar, and other important messages. ($195;

    Netatmo June bracelets: These discrete wrap bracelets measure your exposure to the sun so you know when it’s time to slather on the SPF.  It also suggests the best SPF cream for your skin based on your UV levels. ($99;



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