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IVF Update: 11 Weeks

For those who have been joining me on the crazy emotional and physical journey that is IVF, here’s the latest news… xx

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My most recent Style Finds, Exclusive Videos, & more

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    Oscar Tweaks on TODAY

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  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Oh Baby!

    If you’re looking for more info on the adorable baby products seen in this AM’s Bobbie’s Buzz, here are the links :)

    Babynies & Ponytail Pals • Jennifer Ann Personalized Baby Clothes • Banana Republic Mini Baby Clothes: Available in stores February 25th • Comotomo’s Baby Bottles

  • Behind the Buzz

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Smart Mirror PicThe engineers at Panasonic seem to have taken a page directly out of Snow White with their latest innovation: a smart mirror designed to help everyone become “the fairest of them all”. Using built-in sensors and facial recognition software, the mirror offers instant skin and beauty tips and product recommendations based on your reflection. It can even sync with your calendar and suggest makeup items based on events you may have coming up. While it’s not available for consumers just yet, you may slowly start to see them pop up in salons and beauty retailers.

  • Behind the Buzz

    Send a Sugarwish

    Very few things are as personally rewarding as going to a candy store and filling a bag with whatever odd combination of gummy bears, malted milk balls and jelly beans your heart desires.  The website has taken that fun and put it online.  You can send a friend a virtual Sugarwish and let them select their 4 favorites from the digital “bins,” or you can send out your own chosen combo.  The website is cute, easy to use, and the treats will arrive, adorably packaged, right on your doorstep.

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Have a Better Bath

    Happy almost Valentine’s Day :) Whether you’re part of a pair or just looking to pamper yourself, check out the video above for some fun & flirty bath treats. xx

    Links to Products Mentioned: HoneyCat Cosmetics • Fresh + Susan Miller Zodiac Soaps • OWP Wearable Candles

  • Fashion

    Not So Negative Underwear

    Two female entrepreneurs recently started a lingerie line that is stripping things down to the basics, in a really good way. Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab’s Negative Underwear collection (tagline “cut the crap” on its web site), is breaking the uncomfortable mold of pushed up, padded, and overly embellished designs while still staying stylish. A big POSITIVE for those of us wanting something cool and comfortable, without sacrificing the sexy. They definitely seem like girls’ girls and I’m loving their simple approach to intimates. Here are a few of my favorite minimal pieces from their winter whites collection.

    Negative Underwear  Underwear  $28 – $40, Bras  $70 – $85, Sets $100+

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Cold Weather Wonders

    Ugh, winter… Dry lips, flaky skin, ill-fitting sweaters and other delights…Thankfully there are some products that can help you survive the season :) See above. xx

    Yes to Coconut Lip OilClarins Lip OilHourglass No 28 Lip Oil •  UnshrinkIt Sweater SolutionLox Earring LocksChrysmela Earring LocksMoisturizing TightsMoisturizing Socks

  • Fashion

    The Smartest Bling on the Block

    I love when technology merges with style in ways we can truly benefit from. Behold a few high-tech fashion finds…

    QBracelet: For any woman who likes jewelry and also owns a cell phone (all of us?), a sleek new bracelet that doubles as a charger. Helpful for those who often find themselves stranded sans juice. ($78

    Ringly: This Bond-esque ring syncs with your phone and apps to let you know who’s calling you, what’s next on your calendar, and other important messages. ($195;

    Netatmo June bracelets: These discrete wrap bracelets measure your exposure to the sun so you know when it’s time to slather on the SPF.  It also suggests the best SPF cream for your skin based on your UV levels. ($99;



  • Fashion

    Super Bowl Style

    There’s definitely no shortage of sport fanatics out there, but even if you don’t consider yourself a superfan, there’s no shame in wanting to stylishly support your preferred team during Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities. In case you are having a sportswear struggle, here’s some inspiration.

    Look 1 (Casual Sports fan): Blank Denim, $128,, Muk Luks Chloe Boot, $75.60,, 3D Stitch Jumper, $45,, Brown Saddle Bag, $69,,

    Look 2 (New England Patriots Fan): , CCR Sweatpants, $82,,  Red Infinity Scarf, $14.50,, Biker Jacket, $59.95,, Slip-on Sneakers, $39.95,,

    Look 3 (Seattle Seahawks Fan): Black skinny jean, $68,, New Balance Shoes, $64,, Drape Neck Zip Cardigan, $68,, Urban Citrus bracelet, $12.75,


  • Beauty

    Bring Lashes Back to Life

    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.05.31 PMIf you don’t like your lipgloss, you can wipe it off.  If you don’t like how your bun came out, you can do it again.  But if you don’t like how your mascara turned out, you’re pretty much screwed.  This is the reason that Urban Decay developed something called Resurrection. They claim that if you comb a thin coat of the substance through your lashes, it’ll soften them up and bring them back to a workable state so you can fix clumps, kinks and even choose to add another coat of mascara if you want (for instance at the end of the day). $16, starting February 1.


  • Uncategorized

    Smart & Savvy Beauty Apps

    You use your phone to read the news, go shopping, and order food… Now you can use it to manage your beauty bag! Here are 3 beauty apps to know about:

    1) Think Dirty: An easy way to learn about the ingredients in our cosmetics and personal care products. Scan the product barcode and the app will provide info on the product, ingredients, and even cleaner options to use. (Perfect for my pregnancy pals ;) )

    2) Stash: Lets you track the use of your favorite beauty products. Scan the item’s barcode and the app will calculate when you’ll run out and even any current sales.

    3) Drugstore Dupes: A brilliant idea for those who want to try new beauty without going broke. The app helps you find similar substitutes for the high end options, at more affordable prices.  Works for makeup, skin care, nails, haircare, and beauty tools!

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Beauty Benefits

    If you’re looking for the info from this AM’s #BobbiesBuzz, links are below :) xx

    Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing WaterRen Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing WaterDr. Brandt XYY Dual Fusion WaterChanel Eau DouceurPanasonic Gel Removal Tool Sensationail Nail ShieldsEcoTools Air Dryer BrushJohn Frieda 7 Day Volume

  • Beauty

    DIY Katy Perry’s Football Nails

    Katy Perry fan or not, when the singer, who is slated to entertain us during Sunday’s big halftime show, instagrammed a picture of her game-ready football toes, nail enthusiasts took notice. So for anyone interested, below is an easy 3-step D.I.Y. decal option that you can tackle at home.

    1) Using pre-purchased decals, cut strips to fit your nail bed size.  (Football Threads Nail Decals, $2.50 for 20,

    2) Paint your finger or toe nails with your favorite brown polish.

    3) Once dry, place the white football threads on your nails, mimicking a vertical tally mark, to execute the sporty look.



  • Fashion

    Sweatpants Disguised

    With winter in full swing, we all want to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite forgiving, soft, styles that still look polished and chic.  Check out my picks above, and rest knowing that even though the holidays are over, you don’t have to squeeze back into your skinny jeans just yet. xx


  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Speedy Beauty

    If you want to try any of the products you saw in this AM’s Buzz, here are the links!  And if you missed the segment with Hoda and Billy Bush, check that out above. xx

    Little Black Primer • Mascara Resurrection Avail Feb 1 at UrbanDecay.comColor Change Face CleanserIn-Shower MoisturizerHair Drying Gloves

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