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The Buzz

My Fave Perfume

This morning Kathie Lee Gifford mentioned on air at the TODAY show that she liked the perfume I wear, so I wanted to make sure to get the info out there for any interested parties! It’s Perfect Veil, by Sarah Horowitz, … Continue reading

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  • The Buzz

    A New Way to Wash

    I’ve been sitting on this summer secret for a few months, which means I’ve had the time to really test-drive Tide & Whirlpool’s latest collaboration, Swash. One step closer to Judy Jetson’s futuristic life, the ‘express clothing care system’ is almost like having a mini dry cleaner in your house. The unit is slim enough to slide into a closet, the corner of your bedroom, laundry room, etc. aims to ‘swash’ your clothes in just 10 minutes. It’s pretty simple, you hang a garment inside, pop in a single use pod , and with occasional exceptions, it really did restore the fit, remove odors and wrinkles. I was impressed (especially with my delicates- knits, embellished items, denim) and fyi… although I was sent the system, I was not paid to endorse it, nor asked to. It would be an investment at $499 (, but ideal for someone who wants to extend the wear of items between washes or dry-cleaning.

  • The Buzz

    Silky Smooth Moves

    Kerastase Discipline

    Cult favorite Kerastase has recently unveiled a new regime, one that goes beyond the surface and aims to also change how your hair moves and behaves. To develop the new collection, appropriately called Discipline, researchers took rapid images of strands in motion and measured their every movement. While the formula promotes a faster drying time and anti-frizz benefits, the results also offer bounce, volume along with smoothness – a rare combo. ($39 & up,

  • The Buzz

    My Fave Perfume

    Perfect Veil

    This morning Kathie Lee Gifford mentioned on air at the TODAY show that she liked the perfume I wear, so I wanted to make sure to get the info out there for any interested parties! It’s Perfect Veil, by Sarah Horowitz, characterized as “clean, subtle and provocative.”

  • The Buzz

    Because Everyone Loves the Smell of Hair Products

    Oribe Fragrance

    Cult favorite haircare line Oribe is releasing two perfumes inspired the signature scent of their products.  Co-founder Tev Finger said he heard “more about the fragrance almost more than everything else,” so the jump was a no brainer.  Available in September at Cote d’Azur salons for $85.

  • The Buzz

    New Obsession: Noosa Yoghurt

    Noosa YoghurtTo be honest, at first I was just intrigued by the container this yogurt came in, but now I’m a little obsessed.  The Australian style snack (yes, another “country” yogurt) is actually a really good treat to help you get through the day. Filled with protein, creamy in texture and tastes SO good.

  • The Buzz

    Custom Blend Your Own Haircare

    For those who can never find the exact right blend to suit their hair needs, may be able to help. Pick a base shampoo & conditioner, then choose superserum shots to add in (straighting, volume, scents, boosters for brunettes, redheads, etc).  Then they’ll mix it all up and mail it to you. Genius, right?

  • Beauty

    Contouring for Your Face Shape

    Contour Art


    If you saw my TODAY show segment on contouring this morning and were curious to learn more about make-up for your specific face shape, here are some additional diagrams you might find helpful.  Feel free to print ‘em out and stick ‘em on your mirror as a reference. xx. For Square Faces • For Round Faces • For Oval Faces •  For Heart-Shaped Faces

  • The Buzz

    Must Try: Matt’s Munchies

    Matt's Munchies

    Like fruit roll-ups for adults without a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce, Matt’s Munchies are probably the most commonly eaten snack in my office right now. The flat, thin fruit pieces are pretty low in calories for those counting (35-90 per pack), and they’re very chewy, so they keep you busy for a while. A helpful treat to help you curb that desire to eat a can of Funfetti frosting, box of cookies or pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

  • TODAY Show

    Contour Your Face

    You know that chiseled cheekbone look you see on celebrities? Know that it’s not just genetics– sometimes it’s makeup! Tune in above for some insider tips on how to achieve a contoured face :) xx

  • TODAY Show

    Tips for a Faux Glow

    Some of the most common beauty questions I’m asked are about self tanner, from where to find non-orange options to how to avoid streaks. For answers to these Q’s and more, tune in above.  Links to Products Mentioned: St. Tropez Tan • Jergens 3 Days to Glow • Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads • Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanning Gloves •

  • The Buzz

    Chocolate & Alcohol “Break Up Potion”

    Break Up Potion

    Described as the perfect companion to “Adele on repeat, a box of tissues and your favorite sweats,” this blend of bourbon, chocolate and cocao powder sounds like the perfect pick-me-up for a girlfriend who’s hit a rough spot romantically. Also sounds like fun for a Friday night.

  • TODAY Show



    From haute headphones to a solution for filthy phones, here are the links to the products I mentioned this morning in Bobbie’s Buzz with Kathie Lee & Hoda: Crossbody Phone Cases • HandCandy Earbuds • MyKeyO Organizers • PhoneSoap Polish.

  • TODAY Show

    Happy B-Day KLG!

    The new, elusive Louboutin nail polish, a solution for women who are constantly cold and more you won’t want to miss out on! Watch the video for my picks, which happen to be in honor of Kathie Lee Gifford’s birthday. Links to Products Mentioned: Lip Correcting Duo • Louboutin Nail Polish • Secret Sweater • Wallet Wand

  • The Buzz

    The Perfect Nude Lip


    Women always seem to ask what lipstick I’m wearing, and since there’s no such thing as a “beauty secret” in my opinion, I’m happy to spread the buzz about what I use!  In a pinch, I dab concealer on my lips for a nude base and then apply whatever basic pink gloss I can find first. Recently, however, I found a lip color that eliminates the layering step: gloMinerals gloss in Pink Blossom (bonus: proceeds from sales go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!). Kathie Lee Gifford has become a fan of the shade as well, and lately I even find myself passing the tubes around the makeup room at TODAY. So there you have it!

  • Behind the Buzz

    My IVF Journey

    In vitro fertilization isn’t something that’s often talked about, and it isn’t easy! That’s why I’ve been trying my best to open up the door for conversation. Tune in above, and then join me on my Facebook page at 1pm EST (Tuesday 8/5) for a live chat. I’ll be answering any Q’s you may have about IVF. Also of course here to lend an ear for anyone who needs to vent. xx

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