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    Oscar Tweaks on TODAY

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Oh Baby!

    If you’re looking for more info on the adorable baby products seen in this AM’s Bobbie’s Buzz, here are the links :)

    Babynies & Ponytail Pals • Jennifer Ann Personalized Baby Clothes • Banana Republic Mini Baby Clothes: Available in stores February 25th • Comotomo’s Baby Bottles

  • Behind the Buzz

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Smart Mirror PicThe engineers at Panasonic seem to have taken a page directly out of Snow White with their latest innovation: a smart mirror designed to help everyone become “the fairest of them all”. Using built-in sensors and facial recognition software, the mirror offers instant skin and beauty tips and product recommendations based on your reflection. It can even sync with your calendar and suggest makeup items based on events you may have coming up. While it’s not available for consumers just yet, you may slowly start to see them pop up in salons and beauty retailers.

  • Behind the Buzz

    Send a Sugarwish

    Very few things are as personally rewarding as going to a candy store and filling a bag with whatever odd combination of gummy bears, malted milk balls and jelly beans your heart desires.  The website has taken that fun and put it online.  You can send a friend a virtual Sugarwish and let them select their 4 favorites from the digital “bins,” or you can send out your own chosen combo.  The website is cute, easy to use, and the treats will arrive, adorably packaged, right on your doorstep.

  • TODAY Show

    Buzz: Have a Better Bath

    Happy almost Valentine’s Day :) Whether you’re part of a pair or just looking to pamper yourself, check out the video above for some fun & flirty bath treats. xx

    Links to Products Mentioned: HoneyCat Cosmetics • Fresh + Susan Miller Zodiac Soaps • OWP Wearable Candles

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