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Breast Cancer Awareness

If you’re looking for the buzzworthy BCA products I talked about on the TODAY Show this morning, here you go! Links to Products Mentioned: Jane Iredale Rose Spray • Suki Skincare Ultra-Protect Balm • Supersmile Crystal Collection Pink Diamond Toothbrush … Continue reading

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  • TODAY Show

    New Favorites

    From a super-soothing pillow to an interesting yogurt everyone in my office is obsessed with, check out this week’s #BobbiesBuzz above :) More details on products in posts below. xx

  • The Buzz

    No-Need-to-be Pregnant Pillow

    A so-called “pregnancy pillow” has recently become my BFF. Yes, you heard me right– even though moms-to-be can use Boppy’s bolster as a comfy prop for their neck, knees, belly and lower back, the pillow’s included TheraPearl pack makes it a lifesaver for almost anyone. Pop the jelly-filled pack in the microwave or freezer, then insert it into the pillow and kick back while it helps soothe headaches, cramps, hot flashes, back pain and more ($25,

  • The Buzz

    All-Natural Deodorant That Works

    Although undergoing IVF treatments has recently made me hyper-aware of what I put in and on my body, I’ve always wanted to find a good, all-natural deodorant. After trying a number of different brands, I did find some standouts– in fact I even found one that lasted longer than my previous favorite. Made by Schmidt’s, this pomade-like, chemical-free formula is applied to your underarms using your fingers (which, of couse, may take some getting used to!) ($9, Other popular picks include an aluminum-free cream handmade by Etsy seller Fat & Moon (actress Kristen Bell is a fan), and Weleda’s deodorants, which come in calming scents like sage, citrus and wild rose.

  • The Buzz

    Aussie Style Yoghurt


    To be honest, at first I was just intrigued by Noosa Yoghurt’s larger tub-like container, but now I understand why. I can’t get enough, and before you think, “another ‘country’ themed yogurt,” let me explain. This Australian-credited blend is not as thick as greek yogurts, but richer and creamier than conventional varieties with a smooth, creamy texture that is distinctly different and almost dessert-like. Pumpkin and coconut are amazing, but so is raspberry, pineapple, and blueberry. Find Noosa in Target stores nationwide, or look for a grocery store near you at

  • Beauty

    First Look: GlamGlow Cleansers


    Just received press samples from the very first batch of Glamglow ‘s new facial cleansers. Excited to take them for a test run tonight :) Stay tuned…

  • Behind the Buzz

    My IVF Journey

    In vitro fertilization isn’t something that’s often talked about, and it isn’t easy! That’s why I’ve been trying my best to open up the door for conversation. Tune in above, and then join me on my Facebook page at 1pm EST (Tuesday 8/5) for a live chat. I’ll be answering any Q’s you may have about IVF. Also of course here to lend an ear for anyone who needs to vent. xx

  • TODAY Show

    Beauty Refresh

    From teeny tiny masks that nourish your nails to a surprising way to clean makeup brushes, tune in above for some ways to get on your beauty A-game! Links to products mentioned: Makeup EraserWonder ClothSigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Glove • Pet Grooming Glove • Julep Nail Masks

  • TODAY Show

    Transition into Fall Fashion

    Fall is my favorite season for both beauty & fashion! Tune in above to learn how to get that cozy autumn vibe without pulling out the parka just yet! xx

  • The Buzz

    Picture Perfect Boobs


    Wanted to help spread the buzz about Laura Dodsworth‘s ‘perky’ project. Kudos to her for filling the world with more realistic images of womens’ chests. Unlike the usual versions we’re used to seeing- pushed in, pushed up, coated in shimmer or squished into some lacy contraption, Laura celebrates real breasts. Those that have lived life, nursed children — and even some that had faced cancer.

    Hope you’ll give her work a glance, and then give yourself a pat on the boob, because they’re perfect just the way they are.

  • TODAY Show

    IVF: Acupuncture & Cupping

    Whether you’re going through IVF or are just stressed in your daily life, acupuncture & cupping (two Eastern medicine techniques) are some things that I’ve found to be really relaxing and helpful on my journey to optimize my body for a baby. Tune in above to learn about what the processes entail– and to see me look pretty silly on camera :)

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