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Breast Cancer Awareness

If you’re looking for the buzzworthy BCA products I talked about on the TODAY Show this morning, here you go! Links to Products Mentioned: Jane Iredale Rose Spray • Suki Skincare Ultra-Protect Balm • Supersmile Crystal Collection Pink Diamond Toothbrush … Continue reading

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  • The Buzz

    No-Need-to-be Pregnant Pillow

    A so-called “pregnancy pillow” has recently become my BFF. Yes, you heard me right– even though moms-to-be can use Boppy’s bolster as a comfy prop for their neck, knees, belly and lower back, the pillow’s included TheraPearl pack makes it a lifesaver for almost anyone. Pop the jelly-filled pack in the microwave or freezer, then insert it into the pillow and kick back while it helps soothe headaches, cramps, hot flashes, back pain and more ($25,

  • The Buzz

    All-Natural Deodorant That Works

    Although undergoing IVF treatments has recently made me hyper-aware of what I put in and on my body, I’ve always wanted to find a good, all-natural deodorant. After trying a number of different brands, I did find some standouts– in fact I even found one that lasted longer than my previous favorite. Made by Schmidt’s, this pomade-like, chemical-free formula is applied to your underarms using your fingers (which, of couse, may take some getting used to!) ($9, Other popular picks include an aluminum-free cream handmade by Etsy seller Fat & Moon (actress Kristen Bell is a fan), and Weleda’s deodorants, which come in calming scents like sage, citrus and wild rose.

  • The Buzz

    Aussie Style Yoghurt


    To be honest, at first I was just intrigued by Noosa Yoghurt’s larger tub-like container, but now I understand why. I can’t get enough, and before you think, “another ‘country’ themed yogurt,” let me explain. This Australian-credited blend is not as thick as greek yogurts, but richer and creamier than conventional varieties with a smooth, creamy texture that is distinctly different and almost dessert-like. Pumpkin and coconut are amazing, but so is raspberry, pineapple, and blueberry. Find Noosa in Target stores nationwide, or look for a grocery store near you at

  • Beauty

    First Look: GlamGlow Cleansers


    Just received press samples from the very first batch of Glamglow ‘s new facial cleansers. Excited to take them for a test run tonight :) Stay tuned…

  • Beauty

    Well Done, Dove


    A really creative gift from Dove… personally crafted collages for people who they feel are are trying to make positive changes in the lives of young girls. I was not only touched to receive, but kudos to the brand for always promoting such positive messages!

    Bravo, Dove. #FeelBeautifulFor all #progirls everywhere.


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