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IVF: Fertility Terms Decoded

It’s tough enough having lady issues, from infertility and PCOS to menopause and PMS. The silver lining is that supportive sisterhoods exist all over the internet in the form of message boards. The downside, however, is that you have to … Continue reading

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  • Beauty

    The Perfect Winter Pout

    Ice Queen Lipgloss
    When I envision winter, I see teeny little sparkling snowflakes falling from the sky, leaving gentle little kisses on my rosy cheeks as a I trot happily off to a holiday soiree.  But the reality (for most of us anyway) is enduring a subtle yet ongoing chill for up to 5 months and endlessly combatting dry skin and chapped lips.  While I can’t help with the cold, I can offer up Ice Queen lipstick, (no we aren’t talking about Elsa here) which tints your lips with a silver-flecked, translucent, snowy white coating (it also has Vitamin E to fight off that aforementioned chapped problem).

  • Beauty


    Unless you’ve been lucky enough to go into early holiday hibernation, or you don’t have the internet, you’ve probably heard the term “WOB” tossed around recently. It refers to that “wavy-bob” haircut that really almost did break the internet during its royal debut on a certain celebrity named Beyonce. Well, another one caught my eye again Sunday night, this time on Katy Perry. The peppy pop-star rocked the shorter ‘do in her youtube video where she both announced her highly anticipated halftime performance at the upcoming Super Bowl, and (implicitly) confirmed that the Wob trend is sticking around.

    If this is the case, those considering a chop will probably need some styling options beyond the simple center part. Click through for a few original takes I’ve spotted around Tinseltown including severe side-parts, blunt bangs, and even a polished purple! What do you think of the Wob?

  • Fashion

    Top Trends from the AMA’s

    The AMA’s always bring out some fun fashion choices.  Check out  highlights above, from Gigi Hadid & Zendaya’s suits to Kylie Jenner & Olivia Munn’s vampy lips.  And stay tuned to all night.  I’ll keep posting more good stuff as I see it.  xx

  • Fashion

    Photo Footwear

    Customization just got a little more creative. You know those photos you’ve been posting on Instagram? Well now you can turn your filtered fave into a pair of personalized sneakers with the help of Adidas’ new app, miZX FLUX. Perfect for someone looking to create their own design or the Instagram fanatic on your shopping list. (Here’s hoping people just say no to walking around in their selfie). Seriously though, it seems like deciding on the perfect image IS actually the most difficult part of the process. Once you’ve got that covered, there’s just 5 Steps to follow. Making the ordering process pretty painless for such a unique gift idea.

    - Choose or take a new photo from your phone

    - Download the App from iTunes

    - Select your sneaker size and gender

    - Position the image on the shoe template

    - Admire your 360 degree preview

    - Place your order  $100+  #BUZZGIFTS2014

  • Behind the Buzz

    Your Feed Without Your Phone

    Do you ever pause in the middle of your day when you see an amazing pair of shoes in a store window, or a delicious meal in front of you, or a funny sign, and wonder, “What did we all do before Instagram?” Did we somehow not document all of these moments in our lives with perfectly filtered pictures?! It’s hard to remember, but regardless, whether or not you are one of the millions obsessed with the social sharing site, now it’s possible to stream your feed directly to a cute desk-sized cube. Unlike the digital picture frames of yesteryear, this feed will constantly evolve as your friends update new images, keeping the scenery fresh forever.

    *Also a good gift idea for grandparents. Just sign them up with their own account, have them follow all of the family members, and they can stay up to date on all the latest pictures of the little ones.



  • Beauty

    Insta Nail Art

    Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a nail art newbie, I think most women who wear polish will be intrigued by the idea of custom nail wraps created using your instagram photos. Yes, there’s an App for that too now! Thanks to the beauty team at myNCLA, now you can create no mess nail decals (nail art, for the time crunched) in just 4 easy steps, using only your smartphone. What I love most about this idea is you don’t even have to be a great photographer to get an awesome design, Instagram’s many filters tend to do all the heavy lifting in that department. ;)

    DIY nail wraps from myNCLA, $19 for a set of 26!


  • Behind the Buzz

    IVF Update: Transfer Day

    For those who have been keeping up with my IVF journey, here’s the latest update. xx

  • Fashion

    Lucky Charms

    Call it cliché, but whenever I get a gift for a close girlfriend, I always gravitate toward those that skew sentimental.  And until someone invents a way to bottle and sell love, I will continue to seek these special finds. Melinda Maria’s Goddess collection is one of these discoveries. As the name indicates, the collection of gold and silver charm bracelets and necklaces combine semi precious stones and crystals with your choice of gold or silver, and each features a different “goddess-like” trait – strength, power, prosperity, sisterhood, love, peace, or good fortune. The jewelry is essentially a wearable way to wrap a loved one in well wishes, while also staying stylish.


  • Beauty

    Ultimate On-the-Go Trio

    I’ve seen a lot of purse-sized cosmetics come out over the years. And while they are all designed to be convenient for the on-the-go gal, most of them are literally just smaller versions of their larger counterparts – great for saving space, but not necessarily buzzworthy. BellaPierre recently raised the “small” stakes when they sent their On The Go Trio to my office. At first completely unassuming, this small cosmetic case came in a box approximately the size of a normal nail polish. Upon opening, however, there are three separate compartments to hold mini tubes of liquid eyeliner, mascara, and clear lip-gloss. Definitely discrete, but once you know what’s inside, the clever design makes it hard to put down. Great idea for a girlfriend gift or stocking stuffer. :) xx


  • Fashion

    PJs You Can Be Proud Of

    Everyone talks about what to wear to a party, a job interview, a date, but what about finding a presentable pair of pajamas to rock around the house?  Many of us end up home for the holidays and whether you’re feeling anxious about staying with the in-laws or bashful around out-of-town guests, you deserve sleepwear that you can feel comfortable in around company. Only Hearts, a NY-based brand you may know for their lingerie line, is offering up some seriously fashion-forward sleepwear this season in a variety of rich colors and fun heart prints. Comfy, cute, and most importantly covered, PJs like these give you one less thing to worry about pre-coffee.

    A few of my favorites include a feminine (but not flashy) robe, nightshirts in supima cotton, girly sweats in modal, and a menswear inspired pajama set in organic cotton (a great gift idea too!).

    PJs pictured available at ($81-$141) #BUZZGIFTS2014


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