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Forward-Thinking Formulas

Breaking news in the beauty world!  Shared some brand new, forward-thinking products on the TODAY Show this morning.  Check it out! Links to Products Mentioned: CoverGirl UltraSmooth Foundation • BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Eyeshadow • Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy … Continue reading

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  • TODAY Show

    Last Minute Makeup Ideas

    Few hours left until Halloween kicks into full swing! But there is STILL time to DIY a costume. If you don’t believe me, check out the video above! I demo’d 3 looks you can still do (promise!) Have a safe and happy night. xx

  • Behind the Buzz

    Skeleton Makeup in 4 Easy Steps

    At a loss for a last minute costume idea? We’ve got you covered with our 4 step bones makeup as modeled by in-house Progirl Ashley.
    1. Apply an all white base coat to face
    2. Add black circles around the eyes and across the bridge of your nose
    3. Blend black over cheek bone and jawline to create contour
    4. Draw vertical lines over the lip
    Voila! You have morphed into a spooky-chic skeleton in under 15 minutes. Happy Halloween.

  • Beauty

    Costume Beauty, Not Just for Halloween


    I spotted this feminine feline beauty and had to share.

    A liquid cat-eye and kitten-claw manicure is purrrfectly sleek and chic well beyond trick-or-treating time.

  • TODAY Show

    Designer Collabs on TODAY

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Designer Collaborations continue to be a huge hit, letting everyone in on high fashion looks for affordable prices. Check out what’s new this season, from the highly anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M Collection to something called American Beagle (hint: it involves puppies in parkas). Tune in above. xx

  • Behind the Buzz

    Clever Costumes

    Pharrell-inspired “Happy” • Naked and Afraid • A twist on “Orange is the New Black”

    BONUS: Download pixel art here. Download faux magazine cover here.

  • The Buzz

    Aussie Style Yoghurt


    To be honest, at first I was just intrigued by Noosa Yoghurt’s larger tub-like container, but now I understand why. I can’t get enough, and before you think, “another ‘country’ themed yogurt,” let me explain. This Australian-credited blend is not as thick as greek yogurts, but richer and creamier than conventional varieties with a smooth, creamy texture that is distinctly different and almost dessert-like. Pumpkin and coconut are amazing, but so is raspberry, pineapple, and blueberry. Find Noosa in Target stores nationwide, or look for a grocery store near you at

  • Beauty

    First Look: GlamGlow Cleansers


    Just received press samples from the very first batch of Glamglow ‘s new facial cleansers. Excited to take them for a test run tonight :) Stay tuned…

  • Beauty

    Well Done, Dove


    A really creative gift from Dove… personally crafted collages for people who they feel are are trying to make positive changes in the lives of young girls. I was not only touched to receive, but kudos to the brand for always promoting such positive messages!

    Bravo, Dove. #FeelBeautifulFor all #progirls everywhere.


  • TODAY Show

    Breast Cancer Awareness

    If you’re looking for the buzzworthy BCA products I talked about on the TODAY Show this morning, here you go! Links to Products Mentioned: Jane Iredale Rose SpraySuki Skincare Ultra-Protect BalmSupersmile Crystal Collection Pink Diamond ToothbrushSaks Fifth Avenue x Rag & Bone Key to the Cure T-ShirtJustFab Pink Accessories

  • Beauty

    Cool Compacts

    Earlier this week I stopped by the annual trade show MakeUp in New York. Of the many new ideas on display, I snapped some photos of these innovative packaging ideas: new 3-D texture concepts, and an all-in-one round powder compact with a rotating brush.

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