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Big News…

 Shared the latest turn in my IVF journey with Kathie Lee and Hoda this AM on the TODAY Show. Thanks so much to everyone who’s left comments, given advice and offered encouragement to me these last few weeks. It’s meant … Continue reading

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  • Fashion

    Sequined Sweatshirts

    I can’t…. with this dog! Seriously though, aside from the instant smile this picture gave me when I first found it, the site responsible for the custom, embellished sweatshirt seen here, Bow and Drape, is also definitely worth a visit.  They offer up an array of funny sayings printed on soft fabrics, in shiny custom lettering, cleverly categorized into themes like holiday, nomnomnom, boss lady, and wine-ing.

    Even better? Matching numbers now available for your favorite furry friends too. #BUZZGIFTS2014

    girlfriends $35+ | puppies $30+

  • TODAY Show

    Go-To Gifts on TODAY

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • Fashion

    Pantone 2015 Color of the Year


    In 2014, it was Radiant Orchid, 2013 brought us Emerald, and back in 2012 we were all talking about Tangerine Tango.

    As of 12am this morning, Pantone officially announced 2015′s color of the year – Marsala. Think it’s a good choice?

  • TODAY Show

    Big News…

     Shared the latest turn in my IVF journey with Kathie Lee and Hoda this AM on the TODAY Show. Thanks so much to everyone who’s left comments, given advice and offered encouragement to me these last few weeks. It’s meant the world to connect with all of you amazing, strong women :) xx


  • Behind the Buzz

    C Wonder & Godiva

    Having to choose between something that LOOKS good and TASTES good is not a fun dilemma to have. And when it comes to holiday gifting, sometimes that’s the choice you’re faced with: gourmet snacks in boring packaging that disappear in two seconds, or chic, keepsake sets filled with “chocolate” made from palm kernel oil and who knows what else. Perhaps this is why Godiva and C Wonder came together this save womankind from having to choose between a sparkly serving tray and chocolate truffles. #Blessed

    C. Wonder + Godiva Gift Sets


  • Fashion

    FOUND: Bracelet I’ve Been Looking For

    True story: I saw a woman in my nail salon wearing a uniquely shaped gold bracelet.  She left before I could ask where it came from, so naturally I spent the next 4 days googling for it, but alas, came up empty handed (pun intended).  Enter Reese Witherspoon. Unbeknownst to me, the actress had been wearing the same bracelet, and as luck would have it … a press email popped up this am from the brand’s rep identifying it. Thank you Reese, thank you girl in nail salon, and thank you Jayme from Wetherly PR for sharing this splurge with me :) #obsessed.

    Miansai Gold Plated Screw Cuff

  • Behind the Buzz

    Mustache Mugs

    The month many refer to as Movember has officially ended, but some of our favorite men may be planning to keep their facial hair pride. In honor of grizzly guys everywhere, may we present a fun gift idea for him  ;)

    Links to pics: Bucardo Mug, $22; Mustache Guard Mug, $30; Gentlemen’s Mustache Teacup, $45; Vintage Roosevelt Presidential Mustache Mug, $22

  • The Buzz

    Winter Wardrobe Tip: Heel Lifts

    Unless you’re one of the few lucky ladies born with supermodel legs, the rest of us are forced to elongate our frames with heels. I love a good pair of stilettos, but sometimes your feet just crave flats, especially during boot season. Enter one of my favorite winter styling tips: heel lifts. I’ve long been a fan of the line My Lift Kits, creators of the one-size-fits-all adjustable footwear insoles, and I slip them into all of my favorite  winter flats for a little extra pick-me-up (pun intended). My favorite (and cleverly named) Instant Booty can add up to 1.25″.

    Now there’s a new kid on the block, which launched in the U.S. (only) on December 1st. Say Hello To Longer Legs promises to add a whopping 1.5″ to your natural height with the help of tangerine memory foam. So far the verdict on the cutely packaged product is positively glowing.

    $26.96+, $19, #BUZZGIFTS2014

  • Fashion

    Live Shopping Help with Stylists at T.J. Maxx & Marshall’s

    T.J.Maxx And Marshalls Holiday Gift HotlineEver go shopping and wish you had asked an expert along to weigh-in as you choose between thoughtful and funny, stripes or solids, fancy or flamboyant? Sometimes even the most skilled shoppers could use a helping hand. But when you are knee-deep in holiday cheer and juggling a ton of Christmas gear, who ya gonna call (or tweet)?

    T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s are opening their call center again this season to solve this very crisis. The “hotline” kicks-off Thursday, December 4th from 1pm EST to 5pm EST and will be going through Sunday, December 7th from 9am-12pm EST each day. Style operators will be available to provide gifting advice by calling 1-855-404-GIFT (4438) or tweeting to their dedicated handles using the hashtag, #holidayhotline. All shopping categories and links to the expert’s handles below. Happy tweeting and shopping!

    Women’s Audrey McClelland and Vera SweeneyTeens Meaghan DowlingMen’s Yale Breslin, Interiors Courtney CachetCo-workersAdrian Granzella LarssenGeneral Gifting Daisy Lewellyn.


  • Fashion

    Conscious Clothing

    Happy Small Business Saturday! With holiday shopping madness in full-swing, it makes me think about all of the different hands that go into making the clothes filling our closets and the boxes under the tree. Have you ever stopped to consider where our clothing comes from, to consider the source?

    ZADY, an online lifestyle retailer with a conscience, recently launched the first fashion product from their private label (a snuggly wool sweater) and the young brand is providing an inside look at the entire creation process that went into its manufacturing. I am, admittedly, a total geek for this kind of stuff, but I think more people should know where their clothing comes from. Click thru the photos to see how the luxe sweater went from sheep-to-shelf!

    While this IS a pricier item on the season’s wishlist the Sourced In movement is food for thought… and it’s definitely interesting to see! Learn more about sustainability and retail in one of my favorite books, Overdressed & watch more on Zady’s process here shop the sweater ($160).

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